What made Shakespeare the greatest of all writers?

William Shakespeare was truly the greatest of all writers. Probably competing Shakespeare’s talent would be Milton and Dante, but no one else. He is not only a poet who is remembered for his life and works, but he is the one who is remembered for only the magnanimity and grandeur of his works.

This Is What Makes Him the Greatest of All


He not only wrote tragedy but also a comedy with equal brilliance. Love stories like Romeo Juliet have given him yet another supremacy too. The King Lear’s plight, the loveliness of Cordelia, the loyalty of Kent, the evil nature of Goneril and Regan, the suspicion and the revenge of Othello, the innocence of Desdemona and what not! He was not only a writer but a portrait painter.

Character Portrayal At His Best

His characters like Othello, Desdemona, Jaques, Lear, Cordelia etc all are masterpieces. The most amusing fact about Shakespeare is his wit in the dialogues of his plays where each character is given the most suitable dialogue.

Clear Perception

When Shakespeare wrote tragedies, he gave his best and similarly when he wrote comedy, it appeared as if nobody else other than him could have written it in a more convincing way.


None of Shakespeare's plays were published while he was alive. Thus, the fact that his plays were published posthumously and that he is still regarded as the best of any other writer, makes him an immortal figure compared to others.

In fact, Thomas Carlyle in his essay, The Hero as a Poet, as regarded Shakespeare as somebody who is unquestionable and whom everybody can relate to. But, despite all the variety of characters which he created with full deftness, we can never associate the attitude of a character equivalent to that of Shakespeare. Years may pass, but his name will remain etched with golden letters in the History of English Literature.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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