What is your funniest misunderstanding due to a language barrier?

This happened to me once, when I travelled in auto from my home to my friend's place. We have shifted from Vijayawada recently and I know very little Hindi. I had even more little knowledge about numbers in Hindi.

When I asked the auto driver, how much does he charge from my house in Himayathnagar to Ashok Nagar, he said "Assi rupaya", meaning Rs.80. I did not understand a bit, but my friend said: "it will be reasonable to pay 50-60 rupees for that distance, and bargain with the auto fellow, otherwise they will dupe you". We all know that here in Hyderabad they will never run auto rickshaws on meters. They are only ornamental.

I started the bargain at "fifty rupees". He looked at me and said, "theek hai, pachpan dedo", pachpan meaning Rs.55/- But I did not understand a single syllable.

Somehow I know the word "Satt" meaning Rs.60 and decided to bargain for "satt rupaya" whatever he says. I said, "ok, satt rupaya". He looked surprised and said "baitho". I thought he is taken back by my bargaining skills and patted my self.

I reached the destination and paid Rs.60 and went inside. My friend came running and hugged me and asked me "how did you manage to come".

I narrated the whole story and bragged about my bargaining skills and how I astonished the auto driver with my bargaining skills.

Hearing that she burst into laughter and could not control herself for 2 minutes. Then she said "Idiot !! He asked for 55 rupees and you bargained for 60".

And, again there was a burst of laughter.