What is the role of multifaceted counselling in today's world?

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Counselling is an act which involves professional guidance to a person who seeks advice or guidance to resolve personal problems or some emotional conflict. Counselling provides great support in times of crisis or change. This is a collaborative effort between the counselor and the client.

Almost everyone faces challenges and difficulties in their life at some point in the time of their life. Stress over a job, anxiety over uncertain future, loss of near and dear, problems over addiction or difficulties in a relationship are some of the reasons which make people take a professional Counsellor's help.

Benefits of counselling

  • Counselling helps in identifying the root cause of the problem, be it behavioral or familial or social. Deliberating, discussing and exchanging ideas helps in problem-solving.

  • Arriving at conflict resolution, reconciliation, made easier through anger management counseling. Disputes are resolved through improved and guided interpersonal communication and face to face talks.

  • Suicidal tendencies and divorces can be avoided through stress management and self-help techniques provided by the counsellor.

  • The innate human potential is drawn out through individual counselling helping in individual growth and boosts his self-confidence and self-esteem thereby aiding in personality development.

  • Counselling is the service offered to the client who is undergoing some trauma or facing a problem and needs professional help from an experienced and able counsellor.

  • Counselling provides therapeutic healing through creating awareness and understanding of one’s own inner turmoil and conflicts and enhancing coping skills by instilling self-confidence.

  • Here psychological issues like anxiety, depression and low self-esteem are handled well and treated through the able guidance of a counsellor.

Counsellor and his role in various fields

Let us observe the various areas where counsellor plays an important role in our lives and provides immense help in solving our issues.

  • Legal Counselor: A Lawyer or a legal advisor provides recommendations on the necessary course of action to be taken when the case is in court. He provides legal counselling to the client and helps him in dire situations.

  • Marriage Counselor: helps to improve husband and wife relations and develop understanding between them, providing trust counselling to the couple to resolve their disputes and refrain from taking a divorce.

  • Student Counselor: helps to improve the grades of students, to eliminate exam fear, to help them in managing stress levels during student life, to teach them effective time management.

  • Sports Counselor: helps in boosting the morale of sportsmen. Through constructive criticism of their coach and assistance from professional counselors, sportsmen excel in their performance.

  • Medical Counselor: helps the prospective parents to handle the stress and excitement of pregnancy. Cancer patients and patients with other terminal diseases and their families or caretakers are given regular counselling in how to deal with the patient and how to give them confidence.

  • Genetic counselor: Any disease is better prevented than suffered. To avoid passing of the genetic disorders and transmittable diseases to future generations or their kids during pregnancy, necessary precautions are to be taken on the advice of a genetic counselor.

  • Career Counselor: helps in choosing a career when one is just out of high school and stands at the crossroads of their career and future.

  • Rehabilitation Counselor: They help the drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals out on parole, victims of rape, just released from jail persons, post-trauma case victims, prostitutes, juvenile delinquents, who need to be rehabilitated into society or their homes and families or into job milieu.

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