What is the reason behind using the number 65 to label dishes such as Panner 65, Chicken 65, etc?

Whenever we would like to have something different and spicy from ordinary daily food, it is obvious that we remember Chicken 65 or Paneer 65. Because of its hot and spicy taste, chicken 65 is more popular as a munching dish with liquor. It got its name because of its spicy taste.

How Did It Get the Name?

It is a common thing to munch something spicy with liquor and having spicier food is considered as a macho symbol in many parts of the country. Hence a chef has made this dish announcing 65 number of chilies in each kilogram of chicken and gave it a name Chicken 65. It has now become a huge hit that people started making vegetarian dishes like Panner 65 and Gobi 65 following its name. Some people believe that 65 number of ingredients are used in making this dish and hence they named it so.