What is the origin of superstition in Britain that seeing a hearse is the sign of imminent death?

Born centuries ago, this is a superstition that reeks of the fear of fate. We all know that we are going to die someday, but we keep that truth hidden deep within our hearts. We spend each day of our lives doing what we can to live happily. But a hearse is a reminder that all our days are numbered. This is why seeing a hearse is considered to be very bad luck. Most superstitions are born in the same way; we always connect luck with things that affect our subconscious minds.

Origin of the Myth

In the olden days when a hearse used to roll around the town, people used to shut their window blinds to stop themselves from seeing it; this is how bad their belief was that some impending doom was going to befall upon them or their families if they see the hearse. With time the horses changed into cars, but the stories didn’t change.

We still get a very bad vibe when we see a hearse passing by. Something about it reminds us of our inevitable fate. There are some more superstitions linked to the hearse, if an empty hearse is seen driving towards you then that is a good luck sign, but if an empty hearse is driving away from you then the superstition says that your death is just around the corner.

Meaning of the Omens

There are many stories of people experiencing bad luck just after seeing a hearse and there are stories of good luck. Some people believe that seeing their reflection on a hearse means their imminent death, while others believe that a hearse being pulled by two white horses on the road means that someone in the neighborhood will die within a few days. Another very common version is that if you drive a brand new hearse then you will have a stroke of very bad luck.