What is the golden rule for complimentary feeding?

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  1. Start with finely cooked and mashed dalia, khichri, rice or ragi with ghee and sugar, or leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. After a week, feed your baby with sweet potato or carrot if you have started with cereals first.

  2. Feed your baby in the right order. Always give your baby carbohydrates first and then start with proteins. For vegetarians, start with legumes and pulses and for non-vegetarians, introduce meat, fish, and chicken. Fats should be the last food to be introduced to babies.

  3. Increased water intake. When babies start eating solid foods they need more water. Avoid any other beverages apart from milk.

  4. Give your baby a single meal rather than mixed food. Don't mix flavors. Mixing flavors at this point of time can blur your baby's sense of taste. Homemade food is the best food for babies. Encourage self-Feeding.

  5. Allow your baby to feed him/her as soon as he/she is able to hold a spoon or food.

  6. Buy a baby chair as soon as he/she can sit up unassisted and make him/her eat with you. If you allow your baby to eat with you, it will encourage your baby to try a broader variety of foods.

  7. Don't overfeed your child. After eating food if your baby looks down or turns his/her face away, then stop feeding. It's a sign that they are full and you are overfeeding them.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24