What is the function of receptors in our body? Think of situations where receptors do not work properly. What problems are likely to arise?

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Receptors are present in all parts of the body, such as skin, eye, nose tongue, etc. They detect the signals and send them to the brain in the form of electrical signals.

If the receptors are damaged, they can't receive the inputs or the signals thus can cause harm to the body in a dangerous situation.

Such as, if a person is walking toward a manhole and the photoreceptors (receptors to hear) are damaged, the person cannot listen to the warnings of other people and can fall into the pit.

(i) Phonoreceptors - It is found in the ears. Its function is to hear and balance the body.

(ii) Photoreceptors -It is present in the eyes. Its function is to see.

(iii) Olfactory receptors -It is found in the nose. Its function is smell detection.

(iv) Thermoreceptors - Its function is to feel the heat, cold, or touch. It is present in the skin.

(v) Gustatory receptors -It is present in the tongue. Its function is to detect Taste.

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