What is the advantage of believing in God?

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God is an intriguing concept with many interesting interpretations from various corners of the world. Well, how can we relate the concept of god to our life? Let’s have a look at the way of our life. We go through many experiences, work, stress, friends and family, time management etc.

We Can't Handle Everything

In our daily activities, there are many times when we feel responsible for what’s happening around us, though we are not. We try to correct things and try to limit some consequences, in spite of being aware that we cannot handle everything at once! At least, we can’t control many things. Bothering about the things which are beyond our control, makes us feel more anxious and guilty.

Do Your Work and Leave the Result to GOD

Let’s put it like this. A baby who tries to walk has trust in his parents that they will take care and hold him, in case he falls. But tries to walk and never asks his mom or dad to walk for him. It is because he doesn’t have the joy of walking if everything is done by his parents. But, he seeks the care of his parents while growing. It doesn’t mean that the baby can never be independent or that he cannot trust himself. It only means that he doesn’t want to control the fact that he might fall one day. The baby trusts his parents completely that they will certainly hold him, not letting him fall forever. In the same way, if you believe in God, you will not have tension for everything in life. You can do your work and leave the result to God.

God allows you to think and act on your own. God likes you to take the credit and understand your power to do something. At the same time, he also wants you to get the fact that everything is not under your control and God is the ultimate and Supreme Power. It is your perception and apprehension that leaves you in what state you are.

Believe in Karma

So, I feel that understanding is believing and believing in God is nothing but understanding his intention in this creation. Once you get it, you will know that every consequence has a reason and every deed has its result. This can be understood as Karma, which does its duty and which is a Boomerang. However, it is always advantageous to be optimistic, while optimism with patience is God !!!

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24