What is reverberation? How can it be reduced?

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The persistence of sound in a big hall due to repeated reflections from the walls, ceiling, and floor of the hall is known as reverberation. If the reverberation time in a big hall is too long, then the sound will become blurred, distorted, and confusing due to overlapping. Let us discuss how to reduce reverberation in a hall or auditorium:

Ways to reduce reverberation:

Reverberations in a big hall or auditorium can be reduced by adopting the following methods:

$(i)$. By putting panels made of sound-absorbing materials on the walls and ceilings of the hall and auditorium reverberation can be reduced.

$(ii)$. Carpets can be used on the floor as they absorb sound and reduce reverberations.

$(iii)$. Heavy curtains can be used on doors and windows in a room or hall to absorb sound and reduce reverberations.

$(iv)$. The seats in the hall can be of sound-absorbing properties.
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