What is lateral thinking? Who popularised it?

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Thinking differently than others in the given situation is called “Lateral thinking”. A UK Psychologist named Dr. Edward de Bono coined the term “Lateral thinking”.

An approach straight through a method trained, lets you to a single destination, just like working out step-by-step with the given data, which is called “Vertical thinking”. Sideways thinking which provokes fresh ideas that were never tried before changes the frame of reference you choose to see the solution. Such a different approach to a problem is termed as “Lateral thinking”.

Let me tell you that you may not have a clear vision regarding the whole procedure when you start thinking in this way. Sorry dear, we don’t guarantee you a solution. You need to take a risk. Jump without safety belts!!

To have the lateral thinking, one must possess

An attitude to accept change

  • Accepting change makes your mind ready and it releases good hormones in your body which enable you to think better..!!

  • Should not blindly follow conventional methods without any logic behind. Put a question to yourself why are you that particular work in that same old way. This will give us a reason to indulge in Lateral thinking.

Tips to Improve Lateral Thinking

  • Solve tricky puzzles ... Yes, try to solve a few puzzles whose answers are not there in exactly the way you think.

  • Believe that to finish a job there are other ways too ... Yeah, be patient and keep your calm. Don’t panic..!! It’s not the end of the world, after all, if our idea does not work out.

  • Have confidence and don’t lose your calm if it doesn’t work. Keep trying different solutions.

After all, you finally need only one solution to the problem !!!

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25