What is genetic manipulation? How is it useful in agricultural practices?

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Genetic manipulation is a mechanism where genes of desirable quality are selected from a plant and transferred to another plant through hybridization techniques.

This technique helps in acquiring desirable agronomic characteristics such as dwarfness in cereals, tallness, growth in fodder crops, increasing quality of fruits, crops, etc.

[Extra information:

In biology, and specifically in terms of botany, hybridization is the process of breeding among individuals of the same or different species.

When the individuals undergoing hybridization belong to different species, it is known as interspecific hybridization.

While, when the individuals undergoing hybridization are genetically different organisms but belonging to the same species, are termed as intraspecific hybridization.

Offsprings produced during the hybridization process can be completely fertile, partially fertile, or infertile (sterile).]

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