What is Doomsday Bank?

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A bank is a place where you secure your money. But when the Doomsday arrives and everything collapses, what do you need for the survival? Yes! It’s food. The source of food for the world is, of course, a seed.

Mankind can survive if food crops can be cultivated even after facing the Doomsday. Exactly with this thought in mind, a Doomsday bank was established and is maintained in Norway, storing the seeds of nearly one-third of all the precious varieties of food crops.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

  • On 19th June 2006, the first stone was laid for its construction and a very strong structure of 390 feet was made inside a sandstone mountain on Spitsbergen Island by 26th February 2008.

  • This structure which was situated in Longyearbyen of Norway was named as Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

  • It is striving to safeguard the global food supply for the future. It has huge storage of over 20 million number of seeds which made nearly one-third of the world’s important food crop varieties.

  • By 2017, it stored more than 930,000 samples of seeds. The Global crop diversity trust has played a main role in planning the seed vault.

What about the survival of these stored seeds?

  • Utmost care is taken in the package of these seeds where three-ply foil packets are used and they are heat sealed to exclude moisture.

  • Crates of seeds are sent from all across the globe to store in this cold, dry and rock vaults to secure them for long-term storage.

  • The seed-ageing is delayed by maintaining a low temperature and limited access to oxygen so as to ensure low metabolic activity.

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