What is creative writing and how can I excel in it?

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There are several definitions of creative writing and each has its own way of describing the scope and dimension of what has come to be known as creative writing. Creative is when the writer creates and does not merely write a report or analyze a problem to present a solution. On the contrary, creative writing is mainly in the realm of literature where the writer sets the narrative, creates the characters and communicates to his audience in his own style.

Poetry Is Still In the Air

Poetry, for instance, is a form of creative writing that requires a high level of synchronization in the poet's written word and his imagination of the objects of nature, human characters, their feelings and so on. Some poor folks think poetry is dead but don't realize that the popular songs they hum are actually poems.

Exponential Chances of Growth

In today's world, creative writing has opened up very good career opportunities in advertising agencies producing huge volumes of print and electronic communication across different media platforms, media companies producing endless episodes of TV soaps and of course the growing world of book publishing, especially fiction. In which of these areas would you like to excel?

Let's look at the opportunities in the world of advertising where the copywriters play akey role in the agency's growth and success. You could be asked to ideate on a brand that your agency services and come up with an excellent ad campaign for the brand's festive season promotions.

Keep the Demand In Mind

Surely, it's enjoyable to work on such campaigns but it's equally frustrating when your creative head does his 'postmortem' of your work after 'killing' your idea. How do you get around that? You'll have to learn to probe deep into the psyche of your creative head to know what exactly he wants. Similarly, writing script for episodes of TV soap isn't easy either because you might have to endure the same pain with the producer or director of the soap.

It's difficult to see people with a nasty attitude, make a mockery of your hard work because only a creative writer knows how difficult it is to create unique storylines and scripts. The fiction writer too has to endure the publisher's whims and fancies. The bottom-line - in all these forms of creative writing you need to keep the market and its demands in mind.

Updated on 26-Apr-2022 10:23:13