What is a typical worst habit of Indians?

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The typical worst habit found among Indians is not doing their own business. They are more curious about what others are doing and want to get unnecessary information from others. This is not only the intrusion into other's privacy but also very embarrassing for the opposite person.

one more typical habit that is found most often across Indian men is ‘ogling ‘!

What is ogling? And why is it so oppressive and repulsive to others be it their own fellow men or to other countrymen?


Ogling refers to staring unashamedly or unabashedly at women in a desirous way. This problem has been faced commonly by mostly foreigner women from Indian men and they have complained of having been preyed upon publicly with hungry eyes.

Indians are prone to ogle and can’t mind their own business. They have a roving eye and tend to lusciously gobble up anything attractive and appealing. But if this is curtailed to objects it’s not a controversial issue. Unfortunately, women are subject to this abject stare and made consciously aware of their body parts and their appeal to the opposite sex.

  • Ogling gives a repulsive feeling to the person who is being subjected to it.

  • It reflects badly on their upbringing and personality.

  • It reflects badly on our Indian culture.

  • Unfortunately, even if a few blackguards are found, the entire race is condemned due to the follies of a few mindless culprits.

  • Except providing momentary satisfaction it has no result yet it leaves a long lasting bad impression on the object of glare.

Minding one’s own business and letting others enjoy their own personal space always reflects well both individually and on the country at large. So dear countrymen, subject yourself to some introspection and kindly change your perspective in the interest of your country’s image on the global map. Live well and let others live well. Let not weaknesses play truant and bring down the country’s name.

Published on 08-Feb-2019 14:07:21