What does culture teach a person?

Culture is about the practices, knowledge, and beliefs that are shared among a group of people. But what does it teach?


Different cultures teach us to humbly respect and embrace other person’s culture. Suppose you are an American who is visiting India for the first time. Wearing a saree here does not only mean that you are doing it for your pleasure, in fact, you do it for the due regard to the culture of India.


It might sound weird, but superstitions are also a part of the whole belief system of people in India. Now, it may be related to not washing clothes and hair on Thursday, or not eating non-veg food on Tuesdays.


In Indian culture, a guest is treated as God, as per the dictum, ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. Really, any guest is a harbinger of joy and should be regarded.


No culture teaches to lie and speak a foul language.


No culture, especially our countries culture teaches us to be savage and unruly. In fact, we all must follow the law and be kind towards not only human beings but animals too.


If we are well-cultured and not anarchic, we basically do not need to strive much for perfection. This is because we are anyways adopting those mannerisms which are desired by all.

Own Good

When you do good to others, you automatically do more good to yourself as you learn a lot from engaging with others.

You Become Smarter

A diverse workplace can make you smarter. This is because when there are so many chattering pies, definitely you are not going to admire the activities of all the people. In that case, you adjust and acquire some traits of smartness in you thereby.