What do truck-drivers eat during the long journeys they take?

Since Truck Drivers are mostly on the road and cover kilometers to reach or deliver consignments on time, they cannot have proper food. They have to eat at roadside restaurants which provide low quality food.

We certainly have interviewed few drivers to learn much about their lifestyle.

One of them was Adash Khan, from Haryana. He travels from Delhi to Haryana, makes 3 trips in a month and he makes just Rs. 8000 per month. He says:

"It's a very stressful job as we have to deliver the consignment on time and for that, we get to travel kilometers without proper sleep and food."

Many truck drivers have favorite food bones along the route, and they deliberately stop there. While some rely on enormous amounts of caffeine and junk food to the time and get energy. Generally, the truck-drivers rely on roadside Dhaba in their destined path but, sometimes they even cook their own foods.

Meals are usually consumed hurriedly at small restaurants along a highway. Most of them chew tobacco or smoke beedi or cigarette to stay focused and wide awake during their trip.

A truck driver's diest mostly includes heavy food like rice, some nonveg items supported by a beer at dinner and just heavy lunch during the day. There is no diet chart for a vehicle driver, they eat whatever is available in their journey. They have a very poor and detrimental diet and life activities with very less pay scale. Generally, these drivers are paid on the basis of their total trips and not on monthly most basic which force them to eat whatever they get a cheaper price, without much bothering about nutrition.