What are the three essential requirements to produce fire? How fire extinguisher is useful for controlling the fire?

The three essential requirements to produce fire are as follows:
(i) Fuel (combustible substance)
(ii) Air (or oxygen) and
(iii) Heat to acquire the ignition temperature.
The fire extinguishers are useful for controlling fire in the following ways:
  • The work of a fire extinguisher is to cut off the supply of air or bring down the temperature of fuel or both.
  • The most common fire extinguisher is water. But water works only when things like wood and paper are on fire. Water extinguishes fire by cooling the burning substance.
  • For fires involving electrical equipment and inflammable materials like petrol, then carbon dioxide (C02)is the best extinguisher. C02 being heavier than oxygen covers the fire like a blanket. Since the contact between the fuel and oxygen is cut off, so the fire can be controlled. The added advantage of C02 is that in most cases, it does not harm the electrical equipment.

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