What are the things to know about new borns?

Following are a few things that you need to know about your newborn baby:

  • Newborns will only spit and poop a lot in the initial few months.

  • You should not give your baby a complete bath until his/her umbilical cord drops out.

  • Babies, generally, look old and wrinkled when they are born.

  • Newborns will react much for the initial few weeks.

  • The soft spot of your newborn takes time to harden, so make sure you are careful.

  • In the initial a few months, your baby will sleep without a routine.

  • The tiny nails of your baby grow faster.

  • Your newborn will indicate when there is a need for more feeding or is full.

  • Some newborns sleep with eyes open.

  • Newborns are not able to focus properly at least for two months.

  • Your baby can spit from the nose.

  • Newborns can cry without a specific reason.

  • Do not be shocked if you see bits and pieces of your baby’s skin peeling off.

  • Your baby will need a series of vaccinations in the initial months to keep various diseases and infections at bay.