What are the stupid questions people have asked online?

I was going through some question-answer websites like Qries, Quora and Yahoo. I came across some stupid and hilarious questions. Here are they... I answered them for fun!

Q. Will you Show me some funny photos which will make me look twice?

A. If you want to look twice, eat twice. Photos won't help.

Q. Is it possible to pay with your face?

A. No. You need money to pay for anything.

Q. How do I turn off caps lock?

A. You have to go to the person who made the keyboard and ask him.

Q. I swallowed a full ice cube? what will happen to me?

A. Go to a surgeon. He will operate you and take it out.

Q. What's the other word for knowing that you are right?

A. Are you a woman?

Q. Why are babies so ugly when they are born?

A. They were in the water for 9 months without sunlight.

Q. How can I get rid of an oily face?

A. You cannot get rid of your face. You have to live with it. You can try some remedies to reduce oiliness on your face.

Q. My wife changed her facebook status from married to widowed. Should I be worried?

A. Yes dear. She has warned you that she is planning to kill you.

Q. Why do I feel I have butterflies in the stomach?

A. Did you swallow any caterpillars?

Q. Can you actually lose weight by rubbing your belly?

A. What do you want to rub your belly with?