What are the specifications of one plus 3T phone?

OnePlus started in 2013 with its first phone is OnePlus 1. It was founded by Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl Pei. It was a hit and the brand has become popular with the release of its next phone OnePlus 2. Later came the OnePlus 3 and 3T which shook the market with their 6 GB RAM.

It has some unique and enhanced features due to which it has become an instant hit.


Style Built to Last − The OnePlus 3T challenges present-day cell phones style with its all-metal form and strong Gunmetal shading. Carefully built utilizing a superior space-review aluminium compound, the OnePlus 3T has the strength to run with its sleek design.

More tough and Sleeker − Each OnePlus 3T piece is cut out of a single piece of premium space-review aluminium composite for a consistent and strong form. At 7.3 mm, the metal unibody is light and very thin, with smooth curves and sharp lines. The brand housed the back camera in stainless steel and protected it with a layer of sapphire glass for prevalent protection against drops and scratches.

Control easily − The Alert Slider gives us total control over your notification bar. Flip between three adaptable settings notification on, selected notices, or silent. Peace is just a slide away.


Livestream in HD − Refreshed with a 16 MP sensor, the OnePlus 3T's front camera encourages live stream in HD and truly catches each moment. Simply smile into the camera and Smile Capture will take the photo for you without the need to click. When shooting in low-light situations, the front camera keenly adjusts pixels to accumulate more light and decrease noise. These outcomes in clearer, more vivid photographs.

Master Pictures without the Editing − With extremely quick shutter speed and a smart self-focus, its 16 MP back camera utilizes elite innovations to enable you to catch the ideal shot effortlessly. High-Dynamic Range (HDR) consequently balances your photographs, even in troublesome lighting conditions. Utilizing a few shots to deliver the ideal picture, Dynamic De-noise additionally lessens noise and enhances the clarity of your pictures.

High in Precision − By using its manual mode, you can control each part of your picture. Fine tuning, ISO, focusing etc. The OnePlus 3T additionally supports RAW picture files out of the box for post-shot altering. The OnePlus 3T gives the advantages of a DSLR, with the versatility of a cell phone.

Dash Charge

A Day's Power in Half an Hour − Dash Charge is quicker, more secure, cooler and just better than some other quick charging innovation accessible today. Dissimilar to different advancements, charging speeds stay reliable even while gaming, live-streaming or any other activities. The new 3400 mAh battery highlights a 13% expansion in limit over the OnePlus 3, so your telephone has enough power to work for you during the whole day.


It consists of 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which enables you to accomplish tasks quicker. Easily move between shooting 4K recordings and playing games without any delay. Also, since applications are continually advancing to become demanding, the OnePlus 3T has what it takes to handle whatever the future may bring.