What are the gauges commonly used in production work?

There are many types of gauges which are commonly used in production work. Let us look at some of them.

Plug Gauges

  • Plug gauges are gauges where the plug and pin gauges are used for go assessment and non-go assessment of holes and slot dimensions where the locations are compared to some specified tolerances. Then these gauges are considered to be used for some productive work and are used for checking holes of many different sizes and shapes.

Ring Gauges

  • Ring gauges are gauges which are used to test the external diameters of gauges. These allow shafts to be checked accurately and then they can embrace the whole of their surface, which means covering a whole lot of distance.

  • These have to be expressively manufactured and then find the limited use for it. Ring gauges are never suited or suitable for measuring journals in the middle order sections of the shafts. A common type of ring is used for this kind of gauges. In-ring gauges there are also limit kind of gauges where the go and no-go ends are identified by an annual groove of the periphery. These gauges are fixed to reduce the weight and maintain the handling.

Taper Gauges

  • Taper gauges are gauges which can be used in a most satisfactory method of testing a taper where at some point it'll start to taper. Taper gauges are made in both the plug and ring styles and generally, they will start to follow the same standard construction of the ring gauges.

  • In tapper gauges when you're checking for a tapered hole make sure that the taper gauge in properly inserted into the hole and a slight pressure will be exerted against it. If this happens then the taper angle is correct. Then the taper diameter is tested and checked for the sizes and then the gauge will enter the tapered hole and the tapered spindle enters the gauge. A mark will appear on these gauges and then the correct diameter is displayed.

Snap Gauges

  • Snap gauges are gauges where they are used for checking the external dimensions. Shafts are mainly checked by this kind of gauges. They will be solid and progressive if not adjustable and then double ended.

  • These snap gauges which are solid and non-adjustable calipers with go and no-go are used for large sizes.

  • The snap gauges which are used for larger sizes are generally the adjustable calipers. These are made with to fixed anvils and then are made with adjustable anvils also. One is used for go element and the other one is used for the non-go element.

Thread Gauges

  • Thread gauges are gauges which are used to check the pitch diameter of the threads. Then to check the internal threads, the plug thread gauges are used.

  • To check the external diameters, the ring thread gauges are used. For thread gauges which consist of large diameters, the gauges are then made with removal plugs which are machined with a tang. Thread gauges also consist of standard gauges and these gauges are used with single pieces.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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