What are the funniest Kaun Banega Crorepati memes on the internet right now?

Abhishek: Papa, What are your views on my acting career?

Big B

Amitabh Aap

When you’re watching porn and your laptop gets connected to the nearest Bluetooth speaker…

Amitabh Shaanth

When the iPhone X was announced.

Me to my kidney...

Amitabh Samay

Friend − Yaar, Mujhe na relationship advice chahiye thi to…


Amitabh Meri taaraf

Me after studying for 10 mins

Amitabh Yaahan

Me when HR is discussing appraisal.

Amitabh Chaliye

When you get out on the first ball in galli cricket

Amitabh Aaiye

When she says, ‘I love you but as a friend’

Amitabh saamapth

When you ask Rs. 500 from Mom.


Amitabh Kya