What are the best ways to turn on your man in bed?

Love is beyond the physical attractions and sexual drives. However, it is the key to reaching the peak of your relationship which creates the ecstatic moments in your life.

Is Sex Mandatory in a Relationship?

Love and sex are two sides of the same coin which needs equal attention for the success of any relationship.

Conventionally, men used to approach the women and conduct the entire activity with hardly any proactive step from the partner. However, the time has changed and the arousal of the sex drive must be initiated from both ends.

What do Men Think?

If you think that men are only concerned about the ultimate pleasure, you need to re-check your information. Men love to be turned on rather than jumping into the climax, which hardly lasts for a few moments.

How to turn on your man?

Let us check it out

  • Make Him Fantasize − Take the lead and mesmerize him with your expert moves to make him feel special.

  • Be Vocal − Men like to talk about the arousals and special moments you share behind the closed doors. Be straight about the positive moves taken by him and what made you feel better and ask the same of him.

  • Be Versatile − Versatility seamlessly breaks the mundane approach towards life and successfully spikes an excitement in a relationship. It also makes your man turn on without spending much effort.

  • Dominate him −Nothing can arouse the sex drive more than overpowering him on the bed. Direct his moves and take control of the situation to get the most from your partner.

  • Understand His Body − It is essential to discover the hot spots of your man's body to turn him on. Play with those points to successfully reach the peak of excitement.

  • Flaunt Your Assets − Expose your curves along with the moves to enjoy an enhanced pleasure for both of you.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020

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