What are the best tourist places in Daman and Diu?

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Daman and Diu are two separate regions divided by Arabian sea, which is a union territory in west India. They have many tourist spots like buildings and monuments with Portuguese styled architecture.

Fort Jerome

  • Situated on the northern side of the Damanganga river in Daman, this fort was named after St. Jerome whose statue is situated on the top of the entrance of the fort and it was basically built in order to keep a watch on the activities that are happening in the sea.

  • One of the attractions in the fort is the church that is present which gives us a clear idea of how established the Portuguese architecture is. Even though the fort is more than 4 centuries old, the thick walls show no sign of breakage until now.

  • Architects that visit this fort will be astonished once they have a look at the intensity of the architecture.

Bom Jesus Church

  • The construction of the church was completed in 1603 and it is situated in Moti Daman. This church was built having a good amount of influence from the Roman style architecture and this is evident once you enter the church.

  • You will find statues of 6 different saints as soon as you enter the church and this is the main attraction in this church. The ceilings are decorated with murals and also the gateways are carved and have every minute detail which is why they attract such a large number of tourists.

  • There are also many pieces of art that are present which have been painted by Portuguese artists.

Zampa getaway

  • The construction of this gateway was done some time in between the medieval era and it is evident through its construction style.

  • This gateway resembles the entrance into the district of Diu. You will find remarkable carvings of priests, lions, and angels on the gateways that have been carved to perfection by the artists and just inside the gate is a chapel that was built around the same time which is also a famous spot that people visit.


  • Considered to be one of the major landmarks in Daman, this lighthouse is located in a fort that was also built during the Portuguese era.

  • This is located on the Daman Ganga bridge and it provides guidance to the traffic in the sea to both inbound and outbound traffic. The lighthouse is a must visit when you come to this area as the visit keeps you very calm and serene as well as provides a spectacular view.

Jampore beach

  • Located in the south of Moti Daman, the beach provides us with a very calm atmosphere and when the low tide is occurring in the sea one can go and enjoy swims as well in the sea.

  • This beach isn’t as commercialized and it is a very peaceful place to go with friends and family and also the Casuarinas plantations that are being done near the shores provides us with a lot of shade from the scorching sun if at all it is needed.

Published on 19-Feb-2019 12:50:54