What Are the Benefits of Fish Oil for Your Hair?

Everybody is talking about the healing wonders of omega-3 fatty acids and fish contains lots of them. Many think and research back up the belief that omega-3s support hair growth. According to a specialist, the body lacks omega-3 supplements and does not make them. Supporters think that omega-3 in good amounts nourishes hair follicles and speeds up hair generation.

Oily sea fish like tuna and mackerel, salmon, and sardines contain omega-3s. The functioning of the heart and brain, skin, and eyes benefits. Include omega-3s in the diet since the body needs them but does not produce them. The benefits extend far beyond lovely tresses. One study finds that fish oil essentially contains 2 kinds of omega-3s. DHA refers to docosahexaenoic acid and EPA refers to eicosapentaenoic acid. Both help the heart, protect from infections and alleviate rheumatoid arthritis and such long-term conditions. They reduce cholesterol, help the aging process and keep the sun’s damage away.

Regarding other sources of EPA and DHA, plant-based foods like flaxseed and walnuts contain ALA or alpha-linolenic acid. A tiny part of that converts to DHA and EPA.

The wonderful effects of fish oil on the skin, health, and hair include the reduction of acne, aiding weight loss, preventing sun damage, and delaying aging. Fish oil relieves psoriasis, fights infection, increases hair growth, lowers blood pressure, and supports a healthy heart.

How to Consume Fish oil?

According to one opinion, supplements are not as effective as compared to consuming fish containing the omega-3s. Supplements may contain other ingredients that could bring further benefits.

  • Application of fish oil on the scalp and hair roots is possible. 

  • Including fatty fish like mackerel in the diet brings ample quantities of fish oil. 

  • The easiest method to obtain fish oil benefits is through supplements from the medical store or conveniently bought online. 

  • Cod liver oil is one of the fish oil supplements. 

  • Cod and herring, trout, and tuna contain ample omega-3s. 

Dieticians insist that fish in the diet provide several vitamins and minerals that supplements may lack. Eat the fish itself and not the medications. The hair along with the skin and nails stand to benefit in major ways. One authority recommends oil from small fish like sardines and anchovies to reduce body mercury levels.

The Alopecia Universal Problem

Loss of hair especially among aging is more widespread in men. As many as 40% of women lose hair by the age of 50 years too. Causes may be medical, hormonal, or inherited. Growth of hair may be stimulated with supplements like fish oil. Restricting foods containing many oils and polyunsaturated fats help. Artificial sweeteners may harm hair follicles. Fish oil effectively helps increase hair growth. Omega-3 helps the hair and skin and defers aging. Besides, fish oil contains vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, D, selenium, and retinol.

Hair benefits in several ways

Combining fish oil with antioxidants is known to increase hair density. Blood flow to the follicles increases and greater nutrients reach them. As proved by studies, enhanced hair growth followed the application of fish oil.

Restores shine

Fish oil provides more nutrients to hair follicles. The impact is better hair health with luster and enhanced growth.

Keeps infections out

Infections in the hair follicles result in loss of hair. Fish oil prevents such infections in the follicles and scalp.

Soothes scalp irritation

Fish oil controls scalp oil production. Dandruff and itching are reduced.

Nourishment for dry scalp

Omega-3 strengthens hair and nourishes the scalp, removing dryness and flakes.

Preventive for thinning hair

Thinning eventually leads to hair loss. Fish oil prevents thinning. Omega-3 repairs damage from pollution and heating appliances.

Enhances growth

Blood supply increases to the hair follicles. Essential nutrients boost hair growth.

Prevents greying and improves the growth cycle

Greying hair is reduced while the growth cycle improves.

Density increases

Reversing baldness, omega-3 increases the density of hair.

Hair shaft thickness increases

Thicker hair shafts result from fish oil supplements as observed in a study of women who took it for 6 months. Thicker hair refers to the individual strands and the head looks fuller.

Balances scalp oil production

Fish oil leads to balanced oil production that results in lesser infection and irritation.

Convincing Research Backing

In 2015, a study comprised 120 participants. A group took a supplement of fish oil along with vitamins C and E. As compared to the control group which showed a 28 percent increase, the supplement group showed a 62 percent increase in hair density after 6 months. The before and after photos of the scalp showed clear differences. Yet, more research evidence is required.

In February 2017, a small study involved 10 participants suffering from alopecia. They received supplements twice a day comprising fish oil along with flaxseed oil, melatonin, and antioxidants. Within 6 months, 8 of them showed increased hair growth.

Along with omega-3s, fish oil contains antioxidants and other ingredients that may act concurrently. Supplements from different manufacturers may include a range of ingredients with divergent effects. It may be wrong to conclude that omega-3s alone will result in better hair growth. A healthy and profoundly nutritious diet is the first step towards better hair growth. Treatment from a dermatologist if facing hair growth problems and natural haircare products improve the chances of better hair growth.

Fish oil Supplement dosage/safety Precautions 

A capsule of fish oil supplement probably contains 180-465 mg of EPA and 120-375 mg of DHA. If a supplement is taken for about 12 weeks, it would probably bring the desired health benefits. The daily dose may average 3 grams.

Though considered quite safe, fish oil may bring mild side effects and not in everybody. Exceeding the daily dose of 3 grams may result in bleeding. Some other side effects −

  • Nausea and diarrhea

  • Heartburn

  • Bad breath

  • Fishy taste 

  • Indigestion 

Fish oil should not be consumed by those

  • Who have blood clotting problems

  • Patients with high blood pressure 

  • Those who take anti-blood clotting medication

  • Women on contraceptive pills 

Good for the heart, brain, skin, and hair, fish oil promotes healthy body metabolism. Fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids nourishes the scalp, and follicles and promotes better hair growth. Choose from the different methods of use like applying hair oil directly on the scalp or taking the convenient capsules. Consult a doctor before taking action.

Updated on: 09-Mar-2023


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