What are the advantages of using Hijab in Modern Days?

Hijab is the term, commonly people connect to the Islam religion as it is one of the mandatory obligations of Islam for Muslim women. The meaning of the word Hijab is “to cover” or “barrier”. It is usually worn by Muslim women and has numerous benefits apart from the obligation being respected and nowadays many women use it for different purposes.

Benefits of Using Hijab In modern Days

  • Protection: Hijab covers the women so that they can be protected from some sick men around us and keeps women safe from their foul sight. It also protects from dirt and harmful rays of the Sun and from any other unexpected things which can harm them.

  • Symbol of Purity: It enlightens the purity of the women wearing it. It represents that she is away from all the evil acts of the world like lust and obscene coquettes and is totally pure towards her religion.

  • One Man One Woman: Hijab represents a Muslim women’s dedication and surrenders towards a single man. It shows that no other man has the right to seek pleasure from her as she is sanctified by her husband.

  • Signifies Outer Beauty: A hijab hides the physical traits and physical beauty of the women and places the focus of the people on her real personality. One must simply know that one should be pure enough and not only beautiful from outside but also from within.

  • Eliminates Show Off: Women are in great competition of fashion by wearing expensive clothes and degrading other women. Wearing Hijab eliminates any such vague competition.

These benefits of Hijab are not only relevant to Modern times but also to the times to come.