What are teenage Parenting tips?

Teenage is considered to be one of the most difficult phases in the journey of parenting for many people. This is because the child undergoes hormonal changes which affect both the physical and mental capacity and there are various health problems that start hitting the parents as well.

  • To be a friend to your child − The first and the foremost tip that comes into picture for teenage parenting is the point that you need to be a friend to your child. This implies that an egalitarian approach has to be followed in dealing with any issue of a teenage child. Try to be calm and assertive in your speech. Do not make yourself a dictatorial figure for your kids. The kids should feel free to approach you for any help.

  • Give ‘Liberty’ but not ‘Freedom’ − It is very important to give the child some autonomy and privacy in the teenage especially with the coming of technology. However, there should be liberty given to the child i.e. freedom with reasonable restrictions. Tell your kids repeatedly that they have liberty but they are still dependent on their parents. Hence, their opinions matter as well.

  • Exposure and access to opportunities − The children at this stage face a lot of confusion owing to the fact that there are important career choices to be made. It is the responsibility of the parents to give the children exposure to the opportunities in the stream they want to choose as their career. The parents should talk to the children regularly about the pros and cons of these. They should guide their children towards their drive, passion for the future.

  • Understand their friend circle − It is an accepted fact that in maximum cases teenage troubles arise due to peer pressure and a wrong friend circle. Sometimes, invite their friends for lunch, dinner or an overnight stay. Talk in a friendly way to them to understand their backgrounds. This helps you to understand how these friends influence your children. Some questions related to their academics, ambitions, the economic status gets clarified by these aspects. Yet, in the process do not interfere too much with your children’s friends.

  • Discuss the positive and negative consequences − At teenage, a democratic method should be followed by the parents to set the norms of discipline. Mutually decide what will be the reward or the punishment for a particular action. Develop these norms in your family to build a proper culture and safe space for the children. This will also help them take ownership of their actions.

  • Talk about different issues in the country − The teenagers are the youth of this country and it is the youth who become the problem-solvers for the various problems that exist in the country in the education, health, technology, media, and various other sectors. This will develop an interest in current affairs and a desire to be the change-maker.