What are some of the best Indian movies of all time that we can see anytime, anywhere?

Films play an important role in conveying important messages to its audience while providing entertainment at the same time. Here is a list of some movies in Indian Cinema that created positive reinforcement and can be watched at any point in time −


SRK ushered a new thought process and redefined patriotism for every educated individual who craves to settle abroad and want to live a luxurious life. Swades is a movie that highlights the depressing conditions of rural India where the real soul of the country lies. Director, Ashutosh Gowariker conveys the message of how social entrepreneurs can change the country by tackling its problems.


Rare are the movies which highlight the story of a female protagonist. Kahaani actually helped in refreshing the thoughts of the audience. It brought the themes of suspense and thrill with one of most unique climaxes in Bollywood movies. Kahaani revolves around Vidya Bagchi, a pregnant woman who is in the search of finding her missing husband.

English Vinglish

A simple story based on Shashi, a small-time entrepreneur from Pune who is mocked by her family time and again for not knowing the English language. Destiny takes her to New York where she has to stay for a month for her niece’s wedding. Here she gets an opportunity to learn English and make new friends from different countries. The movie portrays how Indians tend to judge the intelligence of a person with the English language as a yardstick.

Taare Zameen Par

Here, Aamir Khan wins the hearts of millions by touching upon a sensitive topic of dyslexic students and the problems they encounter in the normal schooling system. It also highlights the importance of having good mentors and not mere teachers for our students who motivate students to bring out their potential to the fullest.