What are some of the bad omens, (superstition wise) in India?

In this digital world, technology is ever-changing and doing wonders, but on the other side, there are a lot of superstitions in India since a long time, in which people still believe for some various reasons. Among a lot, some of which are good while others are the bad omen. People fear so many things in our country, most of which are associated with bad omens and some of them are:

  • When a black cat comes on your way, it is believed as a bad omen, and if you are about to begin some new task, it should not be committed.

  • A woman who can never conceive and a woman who lost her husband, both are considered bad omens for a country like India.

  • A married woman or any other girl should not wear white coloured clothes when they go to attend a wedding.

  • Do not sweep the house at night. It is considered really inauspicious.

  • The left eye of a woman and the right eye twitches for a man is also not good.

  • If you shake your legs, you might lose your wealth.

  • A clock which is stuck is a symbol of wealth not flowing in one’s life.

  • Strange as it may seem and sound, it is believed that people with flat feet bring bad luck.

  • Saturdays are considered very inauspicious, as it is associated with the God Shani.

  • Shaving, washing hair and cutting nails is considered very inauspicious on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

  • Indians even fear certain numbers. The fear of number 13 is the biggest fear in their life.

  • Unintentionally walking under a ladder is believed to bring your career down.

  • Falling of a picture is too considered wretched.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2022


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