What are sex hormones? Why are they named so? State their function.

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Sex hormones are those hormones which are secreted by testis in males (Testosterone hormones) and ovaries in females (Estrogens hormones).

They are named so because these hormones are responsible for regulating secondary male and female characteristics.

Secondary sexual characteristics are those characteristics that are not directly involved in reproduction and emerge during puberty due to the result of hormonal changes in the body.

Functions of Estrogen

In females, the primary function of estrogen is the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as the Enlargement of mammary glands (breasts), High pitch voice, Widening of pelvis and hips, Initiation of ovulation and menstruation, maturation of secondary sex organs like fallopian tubes, uterus.

Functions of Testosterone

In males, the primary function of testosterone is the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as Deepening of voice, Widening of shoulders, Narrowing of hips, Upper body muscular build, Appearance of beard and moustaches, and the growth of sex organs such as penis and testes.

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