What are most common elevator-related issues that employees face in office buildings?

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The use of elevators at present era is quite common whether at apartments, offices, hotels and other multistory structures. However, we all are aware that technology comes with its curses as well and elevators are no exceptions. Elevators, especially in office buildings, too have all the minor-major issues every now and then, and cause inconvenience to us. Let's find out why such inconvenience is attached with elevators?

Here are a few common troubles occurred with elevators

Issues with Sheave Regrooving

Old and crock sheaves put extra wear on ropes and this results in boosting the level of wear on sheaves. Eventually, both the key components get damaged and cause the elevator breakdown.

What to Do?

Sheaves can be replaced or regrooved to stop untimely hoist rope failure. Therefore, you need to check groove profiles to calibrate the fit between the sheave and the rope. You can easily find tools which come with magnetic standards and a fine edge to visually check whether the groove on the sheave is wearing evenly or not.

Power Failure

This is the commonest issues occur with elevators as they demand a great deal of power from commercial building utility systems and the variation of voltage can impact motor operations or potentially damage the elevator system. A power quality survey should be conducted, especially with old or those with past motor failure history.

What to do?

Infrared thermography can deal with this issue the best as it measures variation in temperature and identifies expected trouble spots before they cause costly system failures. Usual faults like over/under voltage can be identified easily with regular power quality checks as well as hot fuses can be found easily with this technique before a motor fails to get a phase.

Bearing Malfunction

More than half motor failures are caused due to bearing malfunction. Often, noisy bearings cause vibrations within the motor while variable frequency drives prove to be helpful for bringing down the energy of the motor. the common mode of current is used by them. This is a fatal byproduct and increases these vibrations to dangerous levels through untimely bearing wear attributed to stray current.

How to deal?

Get an inductive absorber like CoolBLUE into the use as this can help you protect your system from possible breakdowns. Moreover, it has to be ensured that all grounds are kept out of the risk and linked to cut down troubles caused by electrical noise on the ground that may generate a fault in the system.

Published on 12-Dec-2018 07:30:31