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Website Design From Scratch In Adobe Xd

Created by Aleksandar Cucukovic, Last Updated 24-Oct-2020, Language:English

Website Design From Scratch In Adobe Xd

Design and prototype a high conversion website from scratch

Created by Aleksandar Cucukovic, Last Updated 24-Oct-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Become a UI Designer
  • Become a UX Designer
  • Design A Website
  • Prototype A Website
  • Prepare Designs For Development


  • Adobe Xd. You can download it from Adobe's website
  • For Windows users Windows 10. Adobe Xd does not work in Windows 7 or 8.
  • No previous Adobe XD experience required.
  • No previous design experience required.
  • There is no coding in this course.


When you design a website it's more important that it converts, then to have a trendy design. Because website is there to sell a service or a product so you have to design with that in mind.

Knowing how to structure a page for high conversion is really important because it makes you more valuable to client and more desirable as a designer. Using Adobe Xd to create it gives you unlimited possibilities because it's free, cross platform, vector based and it has regular updates.

Hey there my name is Alex and in this course you will learn:

  • Secrets of the good design brief

  • What makes the good landing page

  • How to create landing pages that convert

  • How to apply those principles to plan, draw and create a wireframe

  • Add images, icons and shadows to create a design

  • Then add movement and transitions to create prototypes

  • Share the work with your client to get feedback

  • And finally, how to export your assets for developers

You don't need any previous knowledge of UI / UX or Adobe Xd, we are going to cover it all in this course. All you need is an interest in this field and you will do well by the end of this course.

Through this course you will also learn about important resources which you can use in your work, that will save you hours and sometimes even months of your projects. Hours that you can charge extra for, while keeping your free time.

So what are you waiting for? Click enroll and i'll see you in class.

Have a creative day!


Course Content

Aleksandar Cucukovic

Teacher | Entrepreneur

For the last 10 years i have designed websites, products and apps for different companies, big and small.

With my wife i have started 3 startup companies and through the process met some amazing people from all over the world.

For the last five years i have created over 500 design products, improved the lives and workflows of over 100.000 designers from around the world.

Now my mission is to improve the lives of others, and to pass on my knowledge back to the community and to all those who want to learn about the amazing worlds of design and business.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Aleksandar Cucukovic