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    • Wave Optics - Wave Theory
      7 Lectures
    • Wave Optics - Superposition and Interference
      5 Lectures
    • Wave Optics - Diffraction
      5 Lectures
    • Wave Optics - Polarization
      5 Lectures
  • Description

    These video tutorials along with short notes will teach you the basics of Wave Theory of Light or Wave Optics, Huygen's Principle and Wave theories of Reflection, Refraction, Superposition and Interference, Diffraction, and Polarization etc for CBSE, IIT/JEE, Medical entrance and various state board exams preparation.


    These video classes have been designed to suit the curriculum of Class 12 students for CBSE and various state board examinations. These classes will also be helpful in preparing the students for their Board Examinations, IIT/JEE, Medical and other competitive exams.

Wave Optics
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6 hours

22 Lectures

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