Voice of which of the following is likely to have a minimum frequency?
$(a)$. Baby girl
$(b)$. Baby boy
$(c)$. A man
$(d)$. A woman

AcademicPhysicsNCERTClass 8

The correct answer is: $(c)$. A man


Let us know whose voice has the minimum frequency among the given group:

Voices with the least and highest shrillness:

The man's voice has the least shrill in his voice among a baby girl, a baby boy, and a woman. Therefore, a man's voice will have the least pitch. Similarly, a baby girl's voice has the highest-pitched voice among the given group.

Sounds with minimum and maximum frequencies:

We know that the frequency of sound is directly proportional to the pitch of the sound. Therefore, the higher the pitch of the sound, the higher its frequency. Here is a given group of a baby girl, a child, a woman, and a man, a man's voice will have the lowest frequency as a man's voice is the lowest pitched. Similarly, a baby girl will have the highest frequency of the voice.

Therefore, option $(c)$ is correct.

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