Using Windows 10 for Beginners Plus Upgrading to Windows 11

Accessing the Internet, Security, Shopping, Banking, Emails and Skype (Now with help on upgrading to Windows 11)

  David W Cox

   IT & Software, Operating Systems, Windows

Language - English Published on 05/2022


BE UP TO DATE NOW.  Browser, how to download Chrome, Explorer,how to manage Files and Folders, downloads, deletions, cut,copy and paste, Utilities, how to navigate settings and make changes, Programs and Passwords, how to ad and uninstall programs and set strong passwords for email and websites, Talking on Skype and Messenger, Outlook and Email, Drives and Storage, how to set up and control drives with Drive letters, external drives and shared Drives. Anti Virus, set up antivirus and run system back ups. Technical and Hardware, selecting new pieces of hardware and installing them.Education, where to find new information and what to look for. Networking, how to examine your network installation and make changes with some trouble shooting. On-line Shopping, where to find things to buy and how to rotect online shopping and online banking with strng passwords. What Comes Next? How to access Social Mediia platforms, set up communications.  It covers user issues for those students looking to use Windows 10 for other courses and trainings. The course is a hands on video series over 3 hours with demonstrations and voice overs which can be paused and followed through another browser window. There is a new Module on the Upgrade process from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Testing a Windows 10 installation to check on Upgradeability and how to navigate the new interface.

What Will I Get ?

  • Use Windows 10 and Google Chrome to Access the Internet, Shop online, Bank Online and Be Secure for Seniors.
  • Four hours of Video Training
  • Learn how to upgrade to Windows 11
  • Learn how to navigate the Windows  interface


  • Possession of a Windows based Computer and access to the Internet

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