UiPath - Installation


This chapter will guide you through the installation process of UiPath on your local computer.

Requirements for Installing UiPath Studio

Before installing UiPath, we must have to fulfill following requirements −

Windows Computer − We require a modern Windows (2007 and above) computer. Note that UiPath does not have MAC version.

Knowledge of MS-office and Internet − If you are going to use UiPath, then you must have knowledge of Spreadsheets, MS Word etc. along with the knowledge of Internet and software applications.

Basics of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) − It would be beneficial if the user has the basic knowledge of RPA.

Steps to install UiPath Studio

You will have to follow the steps given below to install UiPath Studio on your local system.

Step 1 − First to install UiPath, follow the link https://www.uipath.com/developers/community-edition-download.

Install UiPath

Step 2 − Next, we need to fill the credentials in the form.

Install UiPath Fill Credentials

Step 3 − Now, click the button for requesting community edition.

Install UiPath Requesting Community Edition

Step 4 − Next, you will get a link in your email id. Click that for downloading UiPath. It will download an exe file on your computer.

Step 5 − Now in order to install run the exe file named UiPathStudio.exe, you got in step 4.

Step 6 − UiPath will start its installation on your computer.

Started Istallation

Starting UiPath Studio

Once the installation steps, discussed in previous section, are completed, we can see the following screen −

Starting UiPath Studio

Now to start, we need to click an option. Here we are using free community edition so click on Start Free option.

After clicking, we will get the following screen −

UiPath Registration

It will verify our credentials such as email id and device ID. It will auto detect your device id. You only need to fill your email id and click Activate button at the bottom on right side.

After clicking the Activate button, UiPath will start and you can see the following start page −

Started UiPath

Types of Projects

UiPath studio gives us the choice of four different kinds of projects which are as follows −

Blank Project

As the name suggest, it is just like blank paper and we can build your project from scratch. We need to define everything from scratch. The screen shot of a blank project is as follows −

UiPath Blank Project

Simple Process Project

This kind of project will give us a template of a flowchart which consists of diagram of sequence of activities. The screenshot of simple process projects is as follows −

UiPath Simple Process Project

Agent Process Improvement Project

As the name suggests, such kind of project assists the user by automating the task. It is basically used to assess any user working on the system. The screen shot of Agent Process Improvement projects is as follows −

UiPath Agent Process Improvement Project

Robotic Enterprise Frameworks Project

Such kind of project is used to create a transactional business process that follows the best practice for large deployments. In other words, if you want to use states in your project, then use Robotic Enterprise Frameworks. The screen shot of robotic enterprise framework project is as shown −

UiPath Robotic Enterprise Frameworks Project

Important Concepts in UiPath Studio

We have the following two important concepts in UiPath studio −


The smallest action in UiPath is called activity. For example, clicking the mouse is an activity.


It refers to the series of activities doing a meaningful task. For example, logging into email is a sequence in UiPath.