Two big mirrors A and B are fitted side by side on a wall. A man is standing at such a distance from the wall that he can see the erect image of his face in both the mirrors. When the man starts walking towards the mirrors, he finds that the size of his face in mirror A goes on increasing but that in mirror B remains the same.(a) mirror A is concave and mirror B is convex(b) mirror A is plane and mirror B is concave(c) mirror A is concave and mirror B is plane(d) mirror A is convex and mirror B is concave

(c) mirror A is concave and mirror B is plane


Depending on the position of the object with respect to the mirror, the types of images it forms are real, inverted as well as virtual and erect image, also the size of the images formed are magnifieddiminished as well as the same size as that of the object.

As the objects come closer to a concave mirror, the size of the image goes on increasing.

The images formed by a plane mirror are virtual, erect (upright), of the same size, laterally inverted, and at the same distance.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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