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TutorConnect FAQs

TutorConnect is a FREE service provided by tutorialspoint.com that helps students find the best tutors across the globe who can teach either online or offline.

It is really easy to find a suitable tutor for a given subject. Assume you are looking for a Java tutor to teach you online. You just enter your subject in the given search box and click GO button to proceed. It will list down all the capable tutors for the given search. Now you can select your favorite tutor after analyzing the given profiles based on their experience and expertise. You can shortlist a few profiles and contact them using either chat or email options given in the profile.

Though all the tutors have provided their per-hour costs, you can still crosscheck with them and get a confirmation from the tutor about the costs involved based on your mode of tuition.

Yes of course. We actually encourage all the students to request for a demo class before they finalize a tutor. You would find most of the tutors have already posted their demo class videos in their profiles, but in case you do not find a demo class video in a tutor's profile, then you can go ahead and request the tutor to provide a demo.

At the moment, Tutorialspoint does not involve itself in any kind of monetary transactions that take place between the students and their tutors. The mode of transaction is entirely up to your discretion, but you have a number of ways to carry out such transactions.

If you have opted for tuition at your place or tutor’s place, then you can obviously go for the traditional mode of hand-to-hand cash transaction. Or, you can transfer the amount using online transaction if that suits you.

If you have opted for online tuitions, then we suggest that you use the services offered by the following websites:

Escrow.com is quite easy to use and it completely removes the risk from online transactions. The procedure is usually as follows:

  • Tutor creates a service with the given cost and other terms and conditions.
  • An interested student deposits the finalized amount and starts getting the services from the tutor.
  • Once the committed syllabus/subject is over, the student gives his/her consent to release the payment to the tutor.
  • Escrow.com sends the amount to the tutor, either through wire transfer or via a standard cheque.

We suggest you to divide the entire course into smaller milestones and release the payment either on a weekly basis or after a certain number of chapters. This way, both the tutor and the student will be in a comfortable position to move ahead.