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Vineet Nanda

Tutor for Business Writing, Communication, English Grammar, Managerial Skills, Public Speaking, Resume and CV Writing, Soft Skills, Spoken English and Workplace Environment


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place

Business WritingCommmunicationEnglish GrammarManagerial SkillsPublic SpeakingResume and CV WritingSoft SkillsSpoken EnglishWorkplace Environment


Having 12 years of experience in Business Writing, Communication, English Grammar, Managerial Skills, Public Speaking, Resume And CV Writing, Soft Skills, Spoken English And Workplace Environment.

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Business Writing - 7 years experience 1200 INR / Hour

Report Writing Application Writing Minutes Writing Agenda Writing Writing a Press Release Making Reports Email Writing Letter Writing Resume’ Writing C.V. Writing Bio-data Writing

Business Writing involves a lot of skills and right structures. A word here or there could make a huge difference to the impact you leave in the minds of readers. We will discuss corporate business writing, along with the proper templates for such correspondence.

Commmunication - 7 years experience 1000 INR / Hour

Body Language Public Speaking Presentation Skills Communication Skills Verbal Communication Visual Communication Physical Communication

Communication plays a big part in companies nowadays. The better you communicate, the larger your chances of growth and acceptance at work. We will cover discussion techniques, public speaking, presentation skills, posture, body language, and how to avoid common errors in speech here.

English Grammar - 8 years experience 1200 INR / Hour

English Grammar Reading Comprehension Verbal Ability

My method of teaching English includes logical, simple, and easy-to-remember techniques of clearing multiple-choice based questions asked on English, in competitive examinations like PBPS PO, RRB, SSC, etc.

Managerial Skills - 7 years experience 1500 INR / Hour

Delegating responsibilities handling workload giving feedback handling criticism.

A successful manager is not one who can do the maximum work himself/herself to get the desired output; a successful manager is someone who personally does the minimum work and still gets the desired output. And there's a reason behind this- a successful manager knows how to assign work properly. 

Here, we will discuss the craft of managing people, and how work assigned to proper people can result in faster and better output.

Public Speaking - 8 years experience 1500 INR / Hour

managing eye contact intonation personal examples experiential learning

Public Speaking is an art that can only be perfected through proper guidance and practice. In the case of public speaking, a very important factor is the advice provided to the speaker. If the speaker follows right instructions, then he/she will be a hit with the crowd.

Here, we will discuss the various components of public speaking and also keep practicing simultaneously on a one-one and one-many delivery model till we get perfection in speech.

Resume and CV Writing - 9 years experience 1500 INR / Hour

Proper drafting or resume' resume vs. CV 25 biggest mistakes people make in their resume' and CV.

Even before an interviewer has asked you one single question, he would cast his eye on your resume' or CV. That means your initial impression on the HR will depend completely on the way you write and design your resume' or CV.

Many people have the misconception that a colorful CV has an advantage, and many think that any CV is fine until you have the required skills, experience, or academic qualification. Well, that's not true. A CV is not only a piece of document with details of your career, but also a window into the kind of person you are. 

Here, we will discuss the various factors that form a complete professional CV and resume', and also discuss what are the common errors people make in these documents. We will also discuss which information is not needed to mention, and which questions are out-of-bounds.

Soft Skills - 8 years experience 1000 INR / Hour

Interviewing Body Language Public Speaking Presentation Skills Communication Skills Verbal Communication Difficult Conversations Office Politics Personal Branding Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal Relationships Taking Criticism Self-Assessment Stress Management Customer Service Business Etiquette Time Management

I have 8 years of experience in working with numerous organizations in delivering training on Soft Skills as per the requirement of the clients. I have covered training on major areas of Soft Skills, and have motivated people towards expressing themselves in a fluent way as a Communication Coach.

Spoken English - 8 years experience 1200 INR / Hour

Verbal Ability Expressing Thoughts using exact words Business Ethics Customer Service Professional Skills Business Etiquette

Speaking English fluently has become a necessity in workplace nowadays. Many companies employ English as the official medium of communication so it's important to understand how to start talking in English in an error-free and understandable manner. Here we will discuss certain tricks and techniques of speaking English with confidence and without worries

Workplace Environment - 7 years experience 1500 INR / Hour

workplace politics handling criticism maintaining composure having an even-handed approach to work

No matter how much stress a company gives on creating a family-like environment at workplace, the truth remains that both remain completely different spheres of your life. You can't have the same liberties or lax attitude at workplace as you have at home. There is a high degree of professionalism that's involved in workplace, so we will discuss what factors are the most important while dealing with employees and senior colleagues.


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