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  • Teaching experience as Associate Professor with 25 years of experience at college level. 
  • I can teach students who are pursuing graduate and post-graduate courses with History as one of the subjects. They may be interested in clearing UGC NET after that or take Civil Services Examination. 
  • The students from Schools at X to XII can also find me useful in the studies. I also write blogs related to above-mentioned fields of studies.
  • The History of India's struggle for freedom makes an important part of the courses and selection tests in India. I can provide good tests and textual material for the History of India for the nineteenth and twentieth century. I am also comfortable with Ancient History of India especially from Vedic Age onwards.


English Grammar - 25 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Active Passive Narration

Can teach the basics of Grammar.

General Knowledge - 26 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Current Affairs Politics Economy India Economy World Sports History Constitution of India

I maintain a blog on Civil Services preparation. I am doing it since 2005. Having good knowledge in the subject. Can teach the above-mentioned topics.

History - 30 years experience 400 INR / Hour

Modern India Mediveal India Ancient India USA from 1820 till 1972 Constitutional History of India Methodology and Philosophy of History

I am NET/JRF qualified in History - 1992 . I have rich teaching experience.

MS -Excel - 20 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Data Management

Only basics like How to add formulas, Add hyperlinks, Adding formulas etc. 

MS-Office - 20 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Using Power Point MS Word MS Excel

Basics of Word, Powerpoint and Excel. 

MS-Word - 20 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Basics of using Word

As for the Word, I am using it for the last 20 years. I am quite conversant with many of the features of this software. Kindly note, I can use it only with English. I know Hindi and Punjabi also but I am not able to develop similar expertise with those languages.

Reasoning - 20 years experience 400 INR / Hour

Qualitative Aptitude and Quantative Reasoning.

  • In the case of Quantitative Aptitude, I openly share the source book i.e., R. S. Aggarwal. I do stress upon helping short-cuts in Mathematics. I am only comfortable with number theories. In the case of Qualitative Aptitude, I believe that it as an ongoing process.
  • The field of psychology is making a lot of progress, as a result, new ways of exploring brain abilities are emerging. Well, in the traditional fields like the syllogism, matching, replacing gaps, orientation etc, I keep on guiding students who can meet me one to one.My source material is the internet. 
  • The additional point is my experience and maturity in this subject.

Social Studies - 30 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Civics and Indian History only basic Geography

Well, I am basically a teacher of History at the college level. Being in the field of History, which we as a student of history say that "History is the mother of all social sciences". If you have to understand history, you must also understand social, political, economic and cultural aspects of Human activity. This means that a student of history should also learn about these related fields. Well, I am not claiming that I am an expert in all these fields or a polymath, but, I have the confidence to teach these subjects for school students from 8/9 class to 12 class.

Spoken English - 30 years experience 300 INR / Hour

Prunciation and Elocution

I claim to have learned these topics merely on my experience. 


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