Sudipto Kumar Mukherjee

Tutor for AJAX, ASP .Net, ASP .Net MVC, Bootstrap, Business Objects, C, C#, C++, DBMS, Data Structures, HTML/CSS, HTML5, Java, Javascript, Jquery and Microsoft .Net


Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Having 14 years of teaching experience in ASP.Net, MVC, C, C#, VB.NET, C++, DBMS, Data Structures, Java, Javascript, Jquery. I am a one-to-one online trainer. I have taken many onsite trainings too. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional(MCP) and a Master of Computer Applications from IGNOU.

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AJAX - 5 years experience 13 USD / Hour

AJAX's Partial Page Update

Have worked on many applications using AJAX with I teach AJAX starting with basic examples on Javascript's server side communication. I will make sure that you will understand the underlying principle behind AJAX as quickly and effectively as possible.

ASP .Net - 12 years experience 13 USD / Hour - Maintaining State (classic) can be most easy but most misunderstood topic by beginners. Learners assume many things like a button when clicked can easily be handled by the server code. But most learners are shielded from the actual underlying principle of the web dynamics. I try to make clear of how actually web works, so that candidates can make a easy transition to MVC style of developing from the classic style. Furthermore, I teach the State Management principle of with great clarity. Come to me, I can promise you will get a fantastic conceptual and practical understanding of with C# 

ASP .Net MVC - 5 years experience 13 USD / Hour MVC with Core

Though MVC is not very old, but it has already taken over the traditional style of developing all throughout the industry. If you are new to .NET, but already do have a good knowledge of Web development using other technology like PHP, JSP then I will suggest you to take a straight leap to MVC! And don't worry, if you do not already have existing knowledge on Web development. A basic understanding of HTML and a good understanding on Object Oriented Programming using any language will suffice!

C - 20 years experience 13 USD / Hour

C: Pointers and Data Structure

C is the mother of all programming language. A proper knowledge of C will pave a very successful path towards a fantastic journey towards rest of your programming carrier. It is just more than academic to decide to start  your programming carrier using C. If you are not interested to immediately jump into software industry, you may definitely begin your journey with C. Though it will be a long journey, but a confirmed journey towards a sure success.

C has many things that will be common to all other programming language. So starting with C is fun.

C# - 14 years experience 13 INR / Hour

C#: The .NET's language!

C# is a modern object oriented programming language by Microsoft. The language C# has a great similarity with Java. C# is the language of .NET. The other languages are somehow being migrated from the old counterparts like Vb to, VC++ to etc. But with C# there is no migration, only excepting the fact that it has got the coding style and flavor like Java. For those who would like to start their carrier with .NET I will surely recommend to pursue C# as the programming language.

C++ - 18 years experience 13 USD / Hour

C++: A peep towards Object Oriented Programming

C++ is surely the most robust of all the programming languages found till date. Many new learners are pursuing a direct training on C++ itself instead of first going through C. This is quite perfect! Since C++ is a super-set  of C. The object oriented features of C++ is the most critical and granular than any other OOPs based programming counterpart like C# or Java.

DBMS - 20 years experience 12 USD / Hour

DBMS: Normalisation need

A proper understanding of Database systems is key towards understanding of how software system work. The ability to develop correct normalized database is a challenge for many beginners and seasoned developers. I will make sure that you learn all the necessary concepts and be able to write custom scripts (stored procedure) to handle large volume of database queries.

Data Structures - 18 years experience 12 USD / Hour

Full course

A proper knowledge of C is incomplete without the practical implementation with Data Structure using Pointers! Many students find this immensely difficult, but just a few concepts will make the entire subject very challenging.

HTML5 - 18 years experience 12 USD / Hour

Full Course

Learn HTML to get the first hand information of how web works. The first thing that comes to mind when developing a website is HTML. It is easy, declarative based mark up language using which any novice can create a easy website!

Java - 17 years experience 13 USD / Hour

Full Course

Java is a robust programming language. The slogan like write once and run everywhere is now well understood. Learn java from scratches to advanced concepts like Networking, AWT, Swing and Servlets.

Javascript - 10 years experience 12 USD / Hour

Full Course

I can teach all topics in Javascript.

Jquery - 3 years experience 12 USD / Hour

Full Course

I can teach all topics in Jquery.

Microsoft .Net - 14 years experience 12 USD / Hour

Full course

I can teach all topics in Microsoft.Net.


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