Expert in Advanced Excel, Excel VBA/Macro, Excel Automation/Project, Dynamic Dashboard Design


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Advanced ExcelExcel VBA and MacrosPresentation Skills Microsoft Office Automation and Services


Imparting Training and Consultant for 17 years on Advanced Excel, Excel VBA/Macro, Dynamic Dashboard & Template Design, Microsoft Office Automation and solution. Also, designed and developed automation solutions like Email Automation, Training Assessment Tool, Excel Dynamic Dashboard, Automated Report Generation Tool, Data Extraction Tool, User Based Small Tool Application, Screen capture and exported to PPT, and Kids Tutorial.


Advanced Excel - 17 years experience 500 INR / Hour

PICTURE Lookup Merge Excel Collate 500 CSV files in less than a minute Excel Functions in depth including Hidden Functions Create Graphs & Report with Dropdown Scroll bar Check-Box Professional Dashboard Report Design with Multi Sheet Data Goal Seek Solver Data Tables Scenarios Simulation & Excel Tables Dynamic Named Ranges Hyperlinks in depth Conditional Format Data Validation Protection Techniques Design Excel Templates and many more

Imparting Microsoft Office Training to Individuals and Corporate for more than 17 yearsThis two days comprehensive program is designed with lot of research and development to equip the participants with the excel features, functions, formulas to work fast and smart. Besides organisational goal can be achieved by saving a lot of TAT, Boosting up the confidence level among the participants and attaining the optimum satisfaction with the best take-away.

Excel VBA and Macros - 17 years experience 500 INR / Hour

Objects Methods Properties Sub Routine Functions Forms Class Modules Save Time through Recording the Macros Excel Ribbon Send Multiple emails with Different attachments Productivity Monitoring tools with Excel Run Programs at a Pre-defined Date & time Create a Reminder tool with Excel

This 3 Days Excel VBA and Macro training help you to automate your day to day work. You can work as Freelancer and design many Tools. Develop Applications using excel

  • Automatically send email sms
  • Collate Data from Multiple files on click of button
  • Automatically start shutdown pc
  • Connecting to robotics
  • Dynamic Dashboard Design
  • Screencapture tools using excel
  • Make excel to speak with human voice

Presentation Skills - 17 years experience 500 INR / Hour

Introduction to Power Point Shortcuts in PowerPoint Working with Slides Organizing Slides and Organizing Formats Applying colors and designing templates Protection techniques Hyperlink Working with chart Graphs Smart art And object Embedding Working with media files Proof Reading Window management and split window Working with the back stage view

Advanced PowerPoint Training is for the people who can already create simple presentations, and want to add more sophistication. This one-day course shows you how to create a better, effective and meaningful presentation in PowerPoint.The 8 Hours of training program will completely change the view and skill of the user on PowerPoint and Empower with Lots of effective and advanced skills and end up with exporting the presentation with various file formats and outputs meeting the organisation needs.

Microsoft Office Automation and Services - 17 years experience 2000 INR / Hour

Email/Outlook Automation Excel Productivity Tool Process Review and Improvement Dynamic Dashboard Automate Report Generation Data extraction from web Data Entry Tool SAP automation UserForm based small Tool and many more

Designed and Developed automation solutions to individuals and corporate for more than 17 years. If anyone looking for automation like
  • Reduction of TAT
  • Paperless work
  • Improve Accuracy and Huge Productivity
  • Lead to Hugh Cost Saving, Lean Process
  • Manual process automation
  • Avoid data loss Inadvertent emails


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