Experienced Tutor for C++ and Java with 9+ years of teaching experience


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Having 9+ years of real-time and teaching experience in C++ and Java. Good knowledge in Data Structures, Django, Hibernate, Javascript, MongoDB, Python, Spring, Struts, Web Services and Machine Learning. Oracle certified professional/Sun certified java programmer from Oracle. Completed Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from JNTU Hyderabad


C++ - 10 years experience 1000 INR / Hour

C++ with OOPS

  • Principles of Object Oriented Programming 
  • Beginning with C++ 
  • Tokens, Expressions and Control Statements 
  • Functions in C++ 
  • Classes and Objects 
  • Constructors and Destructors 
  • Operator Overloading and Type Conversions 
  • Inheritance: Extending Classes 
  • Pointers, Virtual Functions and polymorphism 
  • Managing Console Input/Output Operations 
  • Working with Files 
  • Templates 
  • Exception Handling 
  • Manipulating Strings 
  • Project

Java - 10 years experience 1000 INR / Hour

Full course

  • Introduction.
  • Primitive Data types and non primitives
  • Operators and type casting
  • Instance ,static keyword and final keyword and static keyword
  • Arrays and for each loop
  • Command line Arguments
  • Inheritance and polymorphism, Run time check
  • Abstract Class and Interfaces
  • Object & Object reference.
  • Constructors.
  • Method Overloading.
  • Packages, Access Specifiers & Access Modifiers.
  • Organizing Classes and Interfaces in Packages
  • Package as Access Protection
  • Exceptions & Errors
  • Types of Exception
  • Needs of Multi-threaded Programming
  • Creating Child Threads
  • Multi Threads in a program
  • Thread Priorities
  • Synchronizing Threads
  • Drawbacks of object arrays and primitive arrays
  • Collections of Objects
  • Collection Types and Generics
  • List, its implemented classes
  • Set and its implemented classes
  • Understanding Hashing
  • Use of ArrayList and Vector
  • Hashtable and HashMap


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