Tutor for Manual Testing and SQL with 3.5 years of teaching experience


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Manual TestingSQL


Having 3.5 years of teaching experience in Manual Testing and SQL. Good knowledge in writing different types of Test cases and Test case scenarios. Proficient in Black and White Box testing methodologies. An engineering graduate by education.


Manual Testing - 3 years experience 300 INR / Hour

Full course

  • Why Software Testing? Necessity?
  • What Is Software Testing.
  • Introduction & Implementation of SDLC & Traditional Models: Waterfall, Spiral, V&V, Prototype on real time projects.
  • Introduction to alternate approach SDLC: Hybrid, Customized, Agile Model.
  • White Box Testing.
  • Types of White Box Testing.
  • Tools used In White Box Testing.
  • General difference between WBT & BBT.
  • Introduction to Black Box Testing.
  • Types of Black box testing.
  • Functional Testing: What, why, when, and how to perform with examples.
  • Integration Testing: What , why, when, how to perform with examples.
  • Introduction to Stubs & Drivers.
  • E2E Testing/System Testing: What, why, when, how to perform with examples.
  • Exposure to Different setups: Development environment, Testing Environment, Production Environment.
  • Testing web Application: Implementation, Work allocation process.
  • Different types of Applications
  • Build Process, Test Cycle, Re-Spin, Release concepts
  • Acceptance Testing/UAT Testing: Different approaches followed in industries, What, why, when, how to perform with examples.
  • Smoke Testing/Sanity Testing/Dry Run Testing: How to perform with examples.
  • Globalization Testing: I18N Testing, L10N Testing.
  • Hot-fix, Patch.
  • Test Case: How to write a test case.
  •  Test Plan, Traceability Matrix: Preparation.
  • Regression Testing: Different Types of regression testing.
  • Defect Tracking & Defect Tracking Tool: Defect life cycle, How to work on Defect tracking tool.
  • Introduction to Defect tracking Tool
  • Interview Questions, Patterns, Tips & Tricks to crack Interviews.

SQL - 3 years experience 300 INR / Hour

Full course

  • Use of SQL in Development/Testing point of View
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Data Types
  • Constraints
  • Writing simple Queries and fetching the data from tables
  • Sub Queries
  • Joins
  • SQL statements
  • Clauses
  • Alias
  • Distinct
  • Operators
  • Functions and Different types of Functions
  • Joins
  • Obtaining Nth max and Nth Min 
  • Creating a table and Inserting/Modifying/Deleting data from table
  • Normalization


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