Pradeep Kumar

Tutor for C, C++, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS, Jquery, NodeJS with 4 years of experience


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place

Angular JSCC++Data StructuresHTML/CSSHTML5JavascriptJqueryNode JS


Having 4 years of experience in C, C++, HTML/CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery and NodeJS. Currently working as an UI developer in MNC. Completed Bachelor of Engineering(Computer Science) from CBIT Engineering college.


Angular JS - 4 years experience 25 USD / Hour

Templates Directives Model Scope Expressions Compiler Filter View Data Binding Controller Dependency Injection Injector Module and Service

Working with AngularJS for 4 years. Having good work experience and conceptual knowledge on Angularjs. Having knowledge on writing test cases implementing test driven applications.

C - 1 years experience 5 USD / Hour

C Program Structure Datatypes Variable Types Storage Classes Constants Operator Control Statements IO Functions Strings

Having good knowledge in C language.

C++ - 1 years experience 5 USD / Hour

Data types Variable types Scope Literals Modifier types Storage Classes Operators Iterator Function Number Array String Pointer Reference Date & Time I/O Data Structures

Having good knowledge in C++ language.

Data Structures - 2 years experience 20 USD / Hour

Algorithms Data Structures Linked Lists Stack and Queue Searching Techniques Sorting Techniques Graph Data Structure Tree Data Structure Recursion

As a software developer, I have been using most of the Data Structures through out my career. Good at writing algorithms and find optimal solutions to it. Having good conceptual knowledge in Data Structures.

HTML/CSS - 4 years experience 15 USD / Hour

HTML Elements Attributes Headings Styles Formatting CSS Links Images Tables Lists Blocks Classes Iframes Javascript Head Layout HTML Forms

Having very good knowledge in HTML/CSS

HTML5 - 4 years experience 20 USD / Hour

HTML5 Attributes Events Web Forms SVG Web Storage Canvas Geolocation

Having very good knowledge in HTML5

Javascript - 4 years experience 20 USD / Hour

Javascript Advanced Javascript

Having excellent knowledge on Javascript concepts and standards. Having good knowledge in Object Oriented Javascript

Jquery - 3 years experience 20 USD / Hour


Having good knowledge in JQuery Classes and methods.

Node JS - 1 years experience 10 USD / Hour


Having good knowledge on Nodejs environment, Npm packages and Creating modularization code using nodeJS.


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