Padma Balaji Leelavinodhan

Tutor for C, C++, Python, Embedded Systems with 4 years of experience


Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place

CC++PythonEmbedded systems


Having 4 years of experience in teaching C, C++, Python and Embedded Systems. Have done projects in Raspberry pi, Arduino, Pic and Msp430 series micro controllers. Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


C - 4 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Data types Operators Decision Control structures Loop control structures Functions Pointers Arrays Structures

Have created many applications and few games using C programming concepts.

C++ - 2 years experience 200 INR / Hour

Basics Classes Objects Polymorphism Overloading Inheritance concepts

Object oriented programming language.

Python - 1 years experience 200 INR / Hour

All basic concepts such as Datatypes Functions Loops Strings Lists

I use python to write Raspberry pi programs and it is easy to learn for those who are new to programming when compared to other programming languages.

Embedded systems - 1 years experience 250 INR / Hour

Raspberry pi basics Embedded systems basics Arduino PIC and MSP 430 Controllers.

Have been training students and professionals in Embedded systems for almost an year now.


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