Nabil Ahmed Khalil

Tutor for Oracle, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 6i, 10g, 11g with 10 years of experience



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OraclePHPPL/SQLSQLOracle 10g/11g/6i


Having 10 years of teaching experience in Oracle, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 6i, 10g, 11g. Diploma in Oracle 8, Oracle 9i, Computer Science, Computer Programming, and Web development. International certification in OCP Oracle 8 DBA Track. Good knowledge in Tally ERP. Completed Bsc from Punjab University, Lahore.


Oracle - 12 years experience 200 USD / Hour

Oracle dba 10g/11g

  • Teaching Oracle 10g, 11g databases and Oracle APEX 5.0Developer
  • Design and implement aBackup and Recovery system
  • Conducted the migration of an old Oracle 8 database into an Oracle10g database
  • Restructured a large warehouse;Wrote technical documentations

PHP - 8 years experience 150 USD / Hour


Good knowledge and understanding of the type ofcontent the application is planning to host.

  • Develop the content based on the clientrequirements.
  • Develop program codes by referring to existingwebsites and software packages.
  • Deliver proper guidance and support on the pagelayout and display features for the client applications.
  • Proper testing of the developed code at variousstages to detect bugs.
  • Collaborate with several individuals likedesigners, database administrators, CSS & HTML programmers and projectmanager.
  • Prepare and coordinate intranet web updates andintranet website changes.

PL/SQL - 12 years experience 200 USD / Hour

Full course

  • Variables
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Cursor

SQL - 12 years experience 100 USD / Hour

Functions Operators Sub Query Creat table Index View Users

Teaching Oracle 10g sql, 11g, SQL, Oracle APEX 5.0 SQL.

Oracle 10g/11g/6i - 12 years experience 50 USD / Hour

Oracle DBA

Oracle database(10g, 11g), Oracle Developer(6i, 10g), Oracle APEX5.0, PHP with MySQL)


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