Muriel Lange

Tutor for English Grammar, Spoken English and French


United Kingdom

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Having 20 years of teaching experience in English Grammar, Spoken English and French. I am bilingual (French/English) and I perfectly understand the difficulty in learning a foreign language as I've had to do it myself. I can teach French at any level. I completed a Degree in French and English and a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate.


English Grammar - 20 years experience 20 USD / Hour

Verbs and Tenses Accuracy

Have a lot of experience with English grammar (verbs, tenses, accuracy etc) as I have worked as a translator in the past and I know the importance of accuracy when writing in a foreign language. It is vital to understand how to use verbs and tenses accurately and correctly in order to make excellent progress in English.

Spoken English - 20 years experience 20 USD / Hour

Conversational Every day English Pronunciation and Intonation

Have worked as an interpreter in the past and I have lived and worked in England for over 30 years. I understand the importance of being able to converse fluently in English and to be easily understood by British people, which is why a good pronunciation and intonation is especially important.

French - 20 years experience 20 USD / Hour

Speaking Listening Reading and Writing skills

A fully qualified French teacher. I was born and bred in France but I have been teaching French in Great Britain for over 20 years. I can coach students for examinations, teach French for business and I can help students from complete beginners to very advanced.


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