Mahesh Jasti

Tutor for AJAX, AWS, Cloud computing, Data Structures, Devops, Django, Linux, Microsoft Azure and Python with 3.5 years of teaching experience


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Available for : Online Teaching | Tuition at my place | Tuition at your place

AJAXAWSCloud ComputingData StructuresDevopsDjangoLinuxMicrosoft AzurePython


Having 3.5 years of teaching experience and 10 years of experience in .NET web application development using ASP.NET,C#and MS SQL with more than 4 years of cloud based application development using Windows Azure platform. Passionate and deeply technical with Microsoft Azure.


AJAX - 5 years experience 400 INR / Hour

What is AJAX? Why this is needed in web development market?

Implemented AJAX in Enterprises Resource planner application bring up the performance of the application in terms of give great user experience. Also Implemented a Google DRIVE file handling features using AJAX and GDRIVE rest APIs.

AWS - 4 years experience 500 INR / Hour

What is AWS? How we are going to use the benefits of AWS as developer?

Worked with AWS EC2, RDS and CDN. Developed an application which with python, celery and rabbitmq. Objective is to create concurrency task. The task is to call multiple Yahoo API's and the store the structured data in RDS and CDN. Also had experience in the Google translation APIs.

Cloud Computing - 5 years experience 600 INR / Hour

What is cloud? Why the market need this cloud? GAE vs AWS

Done all my web development tasks in clouds. Have great experience in Iaas cloud i.e AWS and Paas cloud i.e GAE. Good experience to distinguishing these two clouds.

Data Structures - 6 years experience 600 INR / Hour

Python based Data Structure and Algorithm implementations

Used this DSA concepts in all my project to bring the performance. This is a good to know concepts and these concepts are very must need for all the developers.

Devops - 8 years experience 1000 INR / Hour

Full course

As a DevOps:

  • Learning – Completed “MongoDB for DBAs” certification with 90% final grade
  • Implementation – Configuring LogicMonitor to monitor WiredTiger storage engine parameters
  • Implementation – Optimize AWS Cloud infrastructure by performing horizontal scaling task
  • Learning – Bamboo, Jenkins, CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployments)
  • Implementation – Maintenance of Nightly build & whenever broken, fixed immediately

Django - 5 years experience 600 INR / Hour

Django framework

Developed an ERP application, key features of application are:

  • Notification
  • Threaded comments
  • Google Drive client app
  • HR management
  • Security layers
  • Middleware customization
  • DB routers

Linux - 6 years experience 500 INR / Hour

LINUX for developers!

Developed all my projects in LINUX environment which is open source and developer friendly. Also I clouds the Linux plays an vital role and its one of the most secure OS.

Microsoft Azure - 8 years experience 1000 INR / Hour

Continuous integration and deployment using VSTS

Working on highly performing mobile API services for one of the android tablets, using CQRS patterns, .net WebAPI and Windows Azure Cloud platform services. Also, worked for Tesco and Lebara UK accounts to build a highly available and scalable systems. Knowledge in performance and design testing for high volume user based cloud applications.

Python - 6 years experience 600 INR / Hour

Who really need Python?

Developed an automation framework of validating the ATM software and Dispenser, Server application with socket IO and multi-threaded features to perform event based tasks, web application for Enterprise resource planner which consist of HR portal, Financial segments, REST API's and developed an customized web crawler, which is very light weight in nature and designed for crawling very large website which has more than 500000 unique urls.


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