Judel Dobbs

Tutor for Advanced Excel, C, C++ and Computer Fundamentals with overall 4 years of teaching experience



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Advanced ExcelCC++Computer Fundamentals


Having overall 4 years of teaching experience in Advanced Excel, C, C++, and Computer fundamentals. Am an educator of Information Technology and Computer Science. The field of technology is my passion from an early age, I have dwelled upon this field and it has become a part of my life. Very enthused about this field of the study, therefore, I would like to express my passion through this medium to impart knowledge. Bachelors in Information Technology from University college of the Caribbean.


Advanced Excel - 1 years experience 4 USD / Hour

Conditional Formatting Pivot Table Data Validation

Used some features of advanced excel to create a report system that is currently been used at a prominent high school.

C - 4 years experience 4 USD / Hour

Functions Control Statements Arrays

Privately tutored the course to a select student before and assisted in creating a fully functional command driven program from the ground up. The program included most of the elements such as Arrays, File handling, Struts. The student got and A+ 63/65 for her grade.

C++ - 2 years experience 4 USD / Hour

Classes Encapsulation Polymorphsim

Have done this course in my degree and at pre-grad school(Mico University College). I have received a B+ in this course.

Computer Fundamentals - 6 years experience 4 USD / Hour

Hardware Software

Will teach this course every year as part of the curriculum at the high school where I serve as information technology teacher.


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